Customer Account Manager-Bakersfield

Job Title: Customer Account Manager

Location: Bakersfield, CA

Department: Sales

Reports To: General Manager

Supervises: None

Job Function:

A Customer Account Manager is responsible for the sales to and relationship with key customer accounts.   Key customers accounts represent those customer segments that have a significant impact on the dealer-business but develop and maintain relationships with the dealership enterprise through a trusted advisor.  Responsibilities could include:  sales, customer support, technical support, planning and key customer account business operational optimization.

Other Job Functions:

  • Manages key customer account relationships to provide a differentiated customer experience.  
  • Proactively assesses, clarifies, validates and communicates key customer account needs on an ongoing basis. 
  • Provides value to key customer accounts by developing solutions that save time, reduce risk and increase profits.   
  • Develops a contact plan that meet the individual needs of your key customer accounts.
  • Meets sales volume and sales objectives on assigned key customer accounts. 
  • Influences customer account trade cycles and current and future needs. 
  • Updates and retains relevant customer account information such as equipment and operational information in the customer relationship management system  
  • Engages with dealership personnel (AMS Consultant, Parts, Service, Integrated Solutions Manager, etc.) when needed in completing a sale, answering customer account questions and ensuring customer account needs are met. 
  • Represents the company for the sale of equipment, parts, labor, and technology-based products and services to assigned customer accounts.
  • Maintains current knowledge of financing and risk management options to assist customer accounts with securing the purchase of a solution.   
  • Maintains and communicates current knowledge of customer account operational requirements, both agronomic/turf industry and/or business goals.
  • Monitors and timely communicates any competitive activity to management.
  • Coordinates new equipment field demonstrations.
  • Coordinates dealer enterprise team, along with Integrated Solutions Manager, to manage and deliver the highest levels of value to key customer accounts.
  • Actively participates in local/regional industry associations.
  • Attends applicable sales training events/seminars.
  • Maintains assigned company vehicles and equipment.
  • Maintains current product knowledge of all equipment, parts, and services available to customer accounts.

Skills & Qualifications

  • 5+ years equipment sales experience
  • Extensive knowledge of John Deere and competitive equipment as well as technology trends/advancements
  • Business, financial and logistical management knowledge
  • Knowledge of relevant agronomic practices and trends
  • Knowledge of key customer account agronomic operations
  • Ability to use software applications such as Microsoft Office and internet functions
  • Ability to work flexible hours
  • Excellent customer relationship skills with current and future decision makers
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, finance/accounting, golf course/turf maintenance or agriculture-related discipline or equivalent work experience

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