KMI Partner Solutions

SurePoint Ag specializes in providing solutions for the control and application of liquid and dry fertilizer, seed, and chemical the SurePoint way. SurePoint believes in looking beyond convention to be an innovating leader in a dynamic industry. The SurePoint team is an excellent asset to the Kern Machinery partnership, as they bring experience in equipment engineering, crop input application, and customer service to your field. SurePoint products and services have reached customers across the United States and internationally. They believe in providing customers not only with solutions but also reliable communication and excellent service. SurePoint Ag’s motto is “We pride ourselves on developing relationships with our customers and strive to not only meet your expectations —but to exceed them. We believe in farming smarter, not harder.” From simple, standard single-product liquid fertilizer application systems, to complex, custom-designed systems, SurePoint Ag is committed to helping you farm the way you want.


With a team of experienced and passionate farmers, agronomists, and engineers – 360 Yield Center develops solutions to help you maximize yield efficiently. They’ve tested and developed new processes and products on their farms until perfected and ready to be used on farms around the world. Today, they proudly offer you efficient and effective ways to reduce risk and add bushels and profit.

360 Yield Center

GUSS’s roots can be traced back to 1982 when Dave Crinklaw and his father Bob started an agriculture spray business called Crinklaw Farm Services (CFS). GUSS is the latest in a long line of innovations. It was developed in-house to address common pain points associated with CFS’s orchard spraying business. We first examined the feasibility of an unmanned sprayer in late-2007. By 2014, vehicle guidance technologies had evolved enough for us to start building and testing prototypes.

After several years of refinement, they delivered their first units to customers in late 2019. GUSS Automation, LLC was launched as an individual business entity so that any ag business could experience the benefits that GUSS offers.

GUSS allows ag businesses to “reskill” workers — training them to use sophisticated technology that will open up future opportunities and positioning them for success in the economy of tomorrow. By eliminating operator error and downtime, they are helping growers increase efficiency, use fewer resources and reduce costs.



The Smart Apply System delivers precision spraying and precision data capture and analytics to growers of tree fruits and nuts, wine grapes, and nurseries. Here’s how we transform operations and sustainability of high-value crops:

1) Average 50% Chemical Reduction

2) Up to 93% Less Chemical Run Off

3) 87% Less Airborne Drift

4) Average of 50% Water Reduction

Our roots are in agriculture, and we come at it from many angles: Specialty crops, Equipment sales, Technology. Above all, we come at this business as problem solvers who help growers navigate the challenges of feeding the world in a sustainable manner while also operating profitable businesses.

Smart Apply

The revolutionary spot spraying technology enables contractors and municipalities to save up to 50 to 70% on the use of crop protection chemicals by spraying only at the right spots (weeds) and to prevent run-off. Through the years, the weed detection and elimination technology was constantly improved and the main motivations of WEED-IT have always stayed the same: precise, easy to use and environmentally sound detection and elimination of weeds.


This integration allows Razor Tracking and John Deere customers to monitor their JDLink™ enabled equipment and service vehicles in either platform (John Deere Operations Center™ or Razaor Tracking). Beyond seeing GPS location, Razor Tracking devices will also provide vehicle VIN, fuel level, hours/mileage, location history, heading, speed, and vehicle on/off; when available, to John Deere Operations Center™.

 Razor Tracking


Labor is the #1 challenge facing growers today. With costs rising and availability falling, growers are in dire need of autonomous solutions to help farms survive. Burro has built a smarter farming system incorporating user-friendly, autonomous robots that work side-by-side with farm workers to make agriculture more productive and sustainable. Burro’s primary market is tailored to our vineyard customers for table grape harvest.