KMI Partner Solutions

FieldIn is an end-to-end pest management, in the form of a software solution for specialty crop growers, established in 2013. The FieldIn team leverages farmer intuition and experience, together with actionable data science to create a new level of transparency, traceability and collaboration on the farm. Kern Machinery knows how important real time data is and with FieldIn, you have the ability to track spray equipment in real-time and receive alerts for missed rows, double sprayed rows, and low/high speed. You will receive a detailed report that grades the efficiency of each spray application and each operator. What more could a customer ask for?

Granular is an industry-leading farm management software tool with the operational, financial and agronomic information you need to make the best call every time. Granular allows you track and input all input costs such as chemicals, seed and labor, which will create a real-time P&L at the field level. The software has the capability to assign a task and once completed, will calculate the efficiency levels to allow the areas of improvement to be shown. Granular also allows growers to create a “profit map” with yield data and input costs, so growers can get an idea of what areas are yielding less, resulting in less or negative profit amounts. At Kern Machinery, we are always looking to help our customers save money and we believe Granular is a great product to do that with.

Greentronics designs and manufactures electronic control products for use in agriculture.  Founded in 1994, they have extensive experience with electronic design and farm equipment. This combination of expertise allows Kern Machinery to help our customers make the best use of the latest technology, while ensuring that Greentronics products are practical and reliable for everyday use in farming operations. Greentronics features several products for root and vegetable crops, like yield monitoring, weight measurements for conveyor belts and other various harvest solutions.

For more than 30 years Pessl Instruments, has been offering tools for informed decision-making. A complete range of wireless products under the METOS® brand and an online platform ( are applicable in all climate zones and can be used in various industries – from agriculture to research, flood warning and more. Pessl has solutions for everything from weather monitoring, weather forecasting, crop health management, water management, pest management and remote crop monitoring. In February 2018 Pessl announced a global partnership with John Deere, giving all dealers access to all Pessl products and the ability to support those products, which Kern Machinery has been happy to educate themselves on and share with you.

Phytech is an Ag IoT company that develops plant-based practice applications. Phytech’s revolutionary solution is deployed by leading growers worldwide. Through the use of dendrometers and soil moisture, Phytech’s provides growers with real-time stress reading of their crops so growers can make real-time irrigation decisions. Their irrigation planning tool learns irrigation and stress patterns for each field to predict plant stress, so growers can be certain that the minimum amount of water that can be used to prevent stress. We are being mindful of our water, especially in the valley, so Kern Machinery is happy to partner with someone who understands the importance of our water supply.

SureFire Ag specializes in providing solutions for the control and application of liquid and dry fertilizer, seed, and chemical the SureFire way. SureFire believes in looking beyond convention to be an innovating leader in a dynamic industry. The Surefire team is an excellent asset to the Kern Machinery partnership, as they bring experience in equipment engineering, crop input application and customer service to your field. SureFire products and services have reached customers across the United States and internationally. They believe in providing customers not only with solutions, but also reliable communication and excellent service. Whether it is a follow up phone call or an on-site install, the SureFire team has you covered. Surefire Ag’s motto is “We pride ourselves on developing relationships with our customers and strive to not only meet your expectations —but to exceed them. We believe in farming smarter, not harder.” From simple, standard single-product liquid fertilizer application systems, to complex, custom-designed systems, SureFire Ag is committed to helping you farm the way you want.