Marketing Assistant

Job Description: Marketing + HR Assistant

Reports to: Director of Business Support Services  

Direct Reports: None

Full Time/hourly


KMI Employment Requirements:

  •  Safety is everyone’s responsibility; all employees shall observe KMI safety policies
  • Be a steward of our KMI brand by executing our Vision, Mission and Core Values
  • Define and deliver customer value in the most efficient and effective manner for both external customers and internal employees



  •  Provide effective sales and marketing support to current major initiatives, i.e. market share (data mining), enterprise marketing, learn sales processes, CRM management
  • Monitor industry trends, leading competitors, and related sectors
  • Develop and execute various business analytics to track goals, initiatives and outcomes
  • Create ideas to build, engage and grow a social media community
  • Contribute to the development and execution of Marketing Plan
  • Assist with various tasks (i.e. survey analysis, brand development, report generation, message and copy layout/graphic design development, etc.)
  • Co-op submission and monitor reimbursement from Vendors
  • Help with HR functions, as needed
  • Screen, recruit, and interview potential employees
  • On-board and train new employees
  • Implement company culture, values and policies
  • Provide management with requested reports and documents
  • Assist with events and company functions.         


  • Committed to excellence and attention to detail
  • Ability to organize multiple tasks, while meeting deadlines
  • Willingness to work in an innovative and collaborative team environment
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Effective communication (verbal/written), organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to prioritize, coordinate, multi-task, and demonstrate initiative
  • Graphic design program skills
  • Previous experience in Human Resources, recruiting, or other related fields is a plus



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