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My grandfather, W.B. Camp was sent to Kern County to promote cotton cultivation in 1917, for the WW1 war effort to develop other places to grow cotton. Cotton production in the south had a boll weevil infestation, and the importation of cotton had come under attack by enemy warships, so the USDA sent W.B. from his home state of South Carolina to the Wild West. W.B. worked for various governmental agencies and the bank of Italy until 1936, when he decided to start farming on his own just north of Bakersfield. My father Don Camp Sr. joined him when WW2 was over and continued to farm as we do today. In 1969, Dad and a partner opened West Kern Machinery near Buttonwillow as the California Aqueduct opened up the west side to farming. Dad then bought the Bakersfield and Delano stores in the early 70’s. In 1990 we opened North Kern Motorsports and in 2004 we opened the Lancaster John Deere store. All have proven to be of value to our customers and have identified solutions for their customers' needs.

All of this is to say, we recently celebrated our 45th anniversary in the AG Equipment business and want to thank you for your support over the years. We have seen a lot of change in our business and are excited about the changes we see in front of us. Technology has provided solutions in many areas and we see this growing. Efficiencies are able to be gained which enables you to maintain a dominant position in the world AG market that we now compete in. We continue to look for these efficiency opportunity areas and have now entered into the moisture monitoring arena with the proven John Deere product Field Connect™.

Our tractors have the ability to talk to us and we can monitor these to keep you going when you need to be. Our wireless towers provide signal that guides your tractors to an incredibly accurate position and we maintain these for you providing solutions so you don't have to. Exciting times and we have a lot more coming your way!   - Clayton Camp